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  • Sojorne is your advocate and digital family assistant, helping you take care of critical priorities across health, education, and life, especially if you or your loved one is living with special needs or health conditions.

  • Sojorne helps you assess where you stand, get and stay organized, and turns complex decisions into actionable steps.

  • We help you fill in decision gaps so that you and your family are covered and can enjoy your lives.

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About Us

How Can We Help You In Your Journey?

Sojorne is a platform designed to help families like yours navigate everything from suitable social activities, patient advocacy, health and life insurance, education options, parent support groups and more!


Parents of Kids Aged 0-21
Let Sojorne help you navigate your child's development, regardless of special needs or disabilities. We'll also remind you of when to take action on exploring or updating IEPs, seeing specialists, and taking care of your family's fiscal health with life insurance and other long-term plans.

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Parents Supporting Adults 21+
When you have a special needs child or dependent who relies on you, you must plan for your child or dependent's future as well as your own.

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Parents And Caregivers Seeking A Homebase
Let Sojorne help you keep your calendar and appointments, and manage important health and information documents while giving you access to vetted providers, caretakers, suitable social activities for your child, parent training, and parent support groups.

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Ecosystem Providers
Hospital systems, clinicians, health practitioners, service providers, nonprofits, therapists. social workers, gyms, restaurants, venues, counselors who serve the special needs community or populations living with health conditions are welcome to the Sojorne's community marketplace.

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Parent Training & Parent Support Groups
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Vetted Providers (Parent-approved)
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Social Skills Groups
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529 Plans, Wills, Estate Planning, Trusts, Guardianship And More
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Community: Learn About Fun, Suitable Programs, Venues, And Experiences

Free and Paid Plans

  • Free
  • $ 0.00/ per month
  • Access to the Marketplace for Insurance, Therapies and Health Providers
  • Limited Document Storage
  • Limited Access to Free Templates
  • Social and Community Group Access
  • Classic
  • $ 9.99/ per month
  • Full Documents, Calendar, Appointment, Templates & Medication Management
  • Integrated Health Records and Interactive Milestone "To-Do's" for ages 0-21+ for Caregivers; Easy Share Options
  • Social and Community Group Access, Parent Support Groups, Parent Training 
  • Premium
  • $ 29/ per month
  • ALL Classic features PLUS 
  • Social and Community Group Access
  •  Parent Support Groups
  • Parent and Caregiver Training
  • Special Discounts; Office Hours with a Parent Coach 

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Marketplace Ecosytem

Hospital systems, doctors, and specialists, who cater to special populations or provide an extra level of care-- we are thrilled to have you.

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