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Ready. Set. Live.

We know what your to-do list looks like. We know how long it's taken you to get therapy, adaptive equipment, or suitable care for your child. And we know how isolated you and you little person can feel without the right community to connect to.

Let Sojorne save you time and stress by simplifying your special needs caregiving journey.


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How Does It Work?

  • Sojorne is a parent and family caregiver support app designed to help you live your best lives by coordinating tasks that rob you of time and mental space to enjoy your parenting journey. 
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Download the mobile app or get started on the with the web app by clicking on "Join the Community". Invest minutes now, save hours later. Make sure you have 15 minutes to invest in building your account.

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Build Your Profile

Complete your family's profile on the app and invite other co-caregiver's. Once your profile is complete, your child's details are stored securely and shareable -you're welcome!

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Share The Load, Share Your Joy

Share your child's care plan, find a provider, create a daily schedule or meet new friends in dozens disability or interest- based groups! 

About Us

How Can We Help You In Your Journey?

Get the support and community you need.

Care & Coordination


Parent Training & Parent Support Groups
Social Skills Groups
Community: Learn About Fun, Suitable Programs, Venues, And Experiences

Free and Paid Plans

  • Lite
  • $ 6.99/ per month
  • $ 59.00/ per annual
  • Access to Provider Search 
  • Limited Document Storage
  • Limited Access to Free Templates
  • Social and Community Group Access
JOIN Today
  • Classic
  • $ 30.00/ per month
    $ 0/ August Sale
  • Full Documents, Calendar, Appointment, Templates & Medication Management
  • Integrated Health Records and Interactive Milestone "To-Do's" for ages 0-21+ for Caregivers; Easy Share Options
  • Social and Community Group Access
Start For Free Today
  • Sojorne Concierge Service

  • All the benefits of classic plus parent support groups, caregiver training, counseling, and virtual care.

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